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Axial flow and wall mounted type, ventilation cooling fan for poultry houses, husbandry houses, livestock
air condition solution for public buildings, temperature cooling or heating
Evaporative cooling pad system for greenhouses, flower planting , vegetable planting and public buildings
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Air Inlet Shutters/Window Shutter

Air Inlet Shutters/Window Shutter
Ventilation Shutter Louver is widely used in poultry house, greenhouse, workshop , and any other large buildings where need fresh air. It's divided into electric and manual two types according to its opening way. Electric shutter can connect with a central control box, which can automatically open and close shutters as per request. Manual shutter louver is equipped with one set of pulley, which can connect with a manual winch to open or close one shutter, or connect with a motor to control all shutters' opening and closing.


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