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Axial flow and wall mounted type, ventilation cooling fan for poultry houses, husbandry houses, livestock
air condition solution for public buildings, temperature cooling or heating
Evaporative cooling pad system for greenhouses, flower planting , vegetable planting and public buildings
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Temperature contorl Solution

Using products of Jindun  Equipment will solve air condition according to different requirement of customers and climates, it is to say that in winter the temperature will be heated and in summar will be cooled.

In different field, kinds of combination of products will be recommended so as to meet to best environment temperature.

Evaporative cooling pad, exhaust fan,fan coil,air condition generators will be offered for the end of system. And PVC pipeline, PPR pipeline or Fabric pipeline will be optioned for hot/cold air carrier.

Field of application include flower greenhouses, vegetable greenhouses, dairy houses, swine houses, layer houses, hotels, restaurants, showrooms, office buildings, commercial building, Residential building, apartment, hospital, workshop,etc.

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