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Greenhouse water ground source heat pump/Air conditioner

1.Accuracy control air temperature without complex pipeline

2.Less occupied area and easy installing

3.Cooling air by the groundwater in summer and heating air by hot water from boiler in winter, which will save the energy and operating in low cost
1.The combination design of high efficiency internal thread copper 
tube and hydrophilic aluminum foil enhances the flow disturbance of 
refrigerant in the copper tube, optimizes the air inlet channel, and 、
improves the heat exchange efficiency.
2.Water system intelligent constant pressure, no expansion tank, 
save space.
3.High precision and large caliber electronic expansion valve throttling 
an effectively prevent the refrigerant from migrating to the 
compressor during shutdown, so as to ensure the performance under 
each industrial control of the unit.
4.The whirlpool revolves around, from turning, inhaling, compressing 
to exhaling.

Model JDWH-5
Applicable area 100-170
Power Supply AC380V±10%
Pipe diametermm 25

PowerKW 2.7 Minimum well water flowm³/h 2
Refrigeration Electric currentA 4.5 Circulating air volumem³/h 1500

Cooling capacity  (KV) 15 Climate type T1/T2/T3

Energy efficiency ratio 15.5 Compressor matching 5

PowerKW 4.2 Low / high wind speed noise 55/60
Heating Electric currentA 7

Heating capacityKV 16.8

Energy efficiency ratio 1:4



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