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Light filter for poultry farm and greenhouse

Poultry house light trap
  • Jindun

  • Frame: Galvanized steel frame/SGLC
  • Delivery terms: FOB, CIF, CFR
  • Payment : TT

 Light Hood Features:

1. Material: The light trap has the shape of injection molding,the PVC material of no glare.

It is durable to resist sunshine and chemical corrosion.

2. Vanes: made of high quality plastic, spread out in one unit, easily to be disassembled and cleaned.

Connected by fastener of lock catch type, increasing the contact area, more firmly.

Reasonable double-wave shape makes sure the shading performance and reduces the air resistance. Vanes distance: 30mm. Thickness: 0.9mm-1.0mm

3. Frame: stainless steel and hot-galvanized steel.

4. Fastener: made of Copolymer PP

5. Size: different dimension is availablle, easy to be assembled with high efficiency

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