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Cooling and Heating system for flower pineapple and orchid planting greenhouse

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Cooling and Heating system for flower planting greenhous

With 30,000m 2 pineapples planting greenhouse, 100,000m 2 breeding base and 50,000m 2 orchid planting greenhouse, the Horticulture Company choose Jindun’s water cycling air condition system, including Ventilation Cooling Fans, Evaporative Cooling Pads, Pipeline, Customized Air Condition Units and hot water boiler.
Installing the right combination of temperature control equipment will solve the challenges faced in greenhouse and assure perfect conditions for plant growth. For instance in extreme conditions the excessive relative humidity can give rise to water droplets forming on the leaves which can cause and spread disease or fungi, while the excessive heat will shrivel fruits and stop growing. Some other times the conditions outside the greenhouse impact the natural ventilation process negatively.


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