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Axial flow and wall mounted type, ventilation cooling fan for poultry houses, husbandry houses, livestock
air condition solution for public buildings, temperature cooling or heating
Evaporative cooling pad system for greenhouses, flower planting , vegetable planting and public buildings
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Cooling pad & Negative-pressure Cooling Fan Cooling System made by Jindun Co.

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Consist of:
Cooling pad , water cycling system and Ventilation Cooling fans of Jindun Equipment
Principle: Air will be extracted from indoor to outdoor when the Cooling fan running, and there will a low pressure space indoor, thereof the air outdoor will enter the house from cooling pad mounted opposite of the fan. Because of the cold water cycling, the cooling pad will cool the air.  And so, temperature indoor will be cooled.
High water-absorbing quality of the cooling pad
High efficiency of evaporation and cooling
High strength and low deformation
Meet to Positive pressure and Negative pressure equipment
Energy saving and environmental protection
Easy installation
Applied range:
Geenhouses, poultry houses, livestock, animal husbandry
Workshop, apartment, office building, commercial building, hospital


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